The IoT Comic Book is a result of the Internet of Things Initiative and is now a publication of the Internet of Things International Forum.

The idea of the IoT comic book is to have an easy to read and understand publication about the Internet of Things. The aim is to be serious and fun at the same time. So we mixed interviews with illustrations to explain what the Internet of Things is about and showcase some applications and services of the IoT as experienced by end users.

Also we made sure to publish (at least the special and business editions) under the creative commons – so that you can freely share and reproduce this free publication.

Credit needs to go to all the contributors providing the content for the IoT comic book listed in the respective publications. And special thanks to Tine Raun from Alexandra Instituttet A/S, Mikael Skotting from Raaskot Visuel Kommunikation and Stig Andersen. And thank you to the IoT Forum and Alexandra Instituttet A/S for powering the IoT comic book.

There are currently three editions available:

  1. Original Edition
  2. Special Edition – we extended the content with a few more interviews and scenarios.
  3. Business Edition – this is the latest edition and contains additional content compared to the previous editions.

If you are interested and want to get in touch, please send an email to Mirko Presser.

Mirko Presser

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